World History

“…T.S. Eliot had most kindly consented to see me not only once but twice and our conversations were very fruitful in relationship to my doctor’s dissertation.  Also W.S. Maugham entertained me more than once and so did E.M. Forster.  So you may see how happy I was and am over this as there is no question at all that T.S. Eliot is the world’s greatest living poet and critic and W.S. Maugham is the world’s greatest living novelist and E.M. Forster is the world’s greatest living man of letters, W.S. Churchill excepted perhaps the greatest living Englishman.  All of them wrote in first editions of their books for me.  Angus Wilson gave a luncheon party for Jack, Bob, and myself.  Gerald Hamilton had us for drinks where we met Lord Robin Maugham…”

Dr. William Shelton Gray, Jr.