“...After hearing about Rosalind's [Frankllin] X-ray evidence that DNA could not be helical (July 52).  I was not much in touch with Francis [Crick] and Jim [Watson]...All during the half year after the 'Death of a Helix' meeting * [dated ''July 52'' in left margin] I spent research time on problems other than DNA molecular structure.  I felt it best to wait and see where Rosalind's evidence would lead.  I respected Rosalind's ability to produce reliable evidence, pro or anti helix.  In our lab almost everyone called Franklin Rosie because she presented a cold exterior...When I visited Crick and Watson shortly after the colloquim [sic] they told me they were going to start a new programme of model building and asked me if I would mind.  I was very depressed by their news because I planned a new group effort at Kings [College] as soon as Franklin had left us. But I did not feel it would be sensible to object to model building beginning again in Cambridge...”

Maurice Wilkins

As stated from an Autographed Manuscript Signed where Wilkins discusses the events leading up to the discovery of the three dimensional structure of deoxyribose nucleic acid.  This particular piece can be acquired at Gray Collections.