“…We leave split Wednesday September 25 for Dubrovnik where Howard [Austen] will meet us and Gore [Vidal] if he is back from Hollywood.  We shall be at the Hotel Excelsior.  We leave Dubrovnik Saturday 28 September for Venice where we will be at the above hotel, 29 September in Revanna, 30 September in Assissi, 1 October – 7 October with Howard and Gore, Via Giulia 4, Rome during the production of Ben-Hur…I having dinner there with Joanne [Woodward] tonight…John Latouche died suddenly of a hear attach, and I went to the funeral with Gore.  Gore was very upset.  The funeral oration was by Carson [McCullers].  Funerals make me nervous…”

Dr. William Shelton Gray, Jr.